Saturday January 27th 2018

Hi guys, I'm finally finding the time to sit down and write this after a busy few weeks! We have some really exciting things happening in store. 

First up, we are so excited to relaunch our drop in sessions. When I first launched the store, one of my many plans was to have daily drop in sessions with local practitioners and experts. We really pride ourselves on knowing our products, and taking the time to sit down with our customers to work out their needs and give the best advice we can. The drop ins are a natural extension of this, where people are free to come in, take a seat and have a more thorough chat than time usually allows. We've kicked it off with "Homeopathy Thursday" between 10-12.30 every week. We're currently having discussions about launching similar drop ins for Nutrition, Kinesiology and Crystal Healing, so watch this space! On a personal level, I keep being asked when I will be seeing clients as a Nutritionist again, and I can now say I will be taking on clients from the start of March. Drop us a message over on the contact page  to enquire about booking a session! 


Many of you have been asking for years, and it's finally here...the Apothecary 27 loyalty card! All you need to do is sign up in store and you can start collecting points. It's £1 per point, and when you reach 100 points, we will print you off a £5 gift voucher to spend in store! You can now also treat your friends and family to one of our gift vouchers  (in £5, £10 and £20 denominations).

I've been busy over the last few weeks, researching some new and exciting products for the store. Just this week we have introduced the following to our shelves:


Keep up to date with our blog to be the first to know about the other new products we're about to launch! 

This week we were visited by Cheryl Thallon, the founder of Viridian Nutrition. Cheryl and myself had a great chat about how to take the shop to the next level, and I walked away feeling even more excited about the future of the store. Cheryl and her team are an absolute pleasure to work with, which is why Viridian is our number one choice for supplements (as you can tell from the whole wall we have in store dedicated to it). From speaking to Cheryl, I felt even more passionate about the range, knowing she truly cares about everything that goes in to her supplements (she told me she would not put anything in he products that she wouldn't give to her own children). 

Thanks again to everyone who has shopped with us during January, 2018 really has got off to an incredible start! Looking forward to seeing you all in store again over the coming weeks!

Joe Jackson