Homeopathy Tips for Keeping well in January


Welcome to 2019! 

The fun and excitement of Christmas is over.

We’ve reached the base point of the year when energy is at its lowest and plants and trees look depleted and lacking in life.

We can feel equally low, and there can be a sense of emptiness and even desolation in a lot of people. 

These feelings can be transient and pass quickly but sometimes they can be more persistent.

Homeopathy can help here in either case, with perhaps just a small ‘nudge’ to put us back on track or maybe a more in-depth approach where a deeper exploration of these feelings is required (contact Dominic or Sylvia at Apothecary 27 for an appointment).

If Christmas has left you feeling a bit depleted in mind and body, Phosphoric Acid may be the answer. It can also be a wonderful pick-me-up following illness.