Autumn's Around the Corner - Here's How to Get Ready for it!


As the pages on the calendar change, the weather changes too. As summer turns to autumn, the daylight hours get shorter and the weather gets a little cooler.

For many people, autumn is their favourite time of year. Nothing is more fun than taking a walk through fallen leaves, thinking of pumpkin spice lattes, and looking forward to snuggling up nice and warm at home.

This change of weather and change of pace can arrive suddenly, and so now is the time to be prepared. 

Stay Healthy

It’s very easy to catch minor illnesses during autumn. The drop in temperature and extra moisture in the air helps bugs incubate and spread, making it an important time to take care of yourself.

If you are due vaccinations, make sure to get them. Eat a sensible diet, preferably with plenty of fruit and vegetables in order to enhance your immune system. (1

Stay active too, as there is a tendency to become more sedentary as the year progresses. The weather may not be so warm, but it is an ideal time of year for taking more walks - partially because the heat is no longer overpowering. Just by regularly moving around, you’ll increase your health and general wellbeing. But wrap up warm on cold days, and don’t get soaked in the rain showers!

Remember that different plants grow at different times of the year, so even in autumn there can be pollen in the air. If you suffer from hayfever, you may still be affected, so keep on top of your treatment. 

With less sunshine, you may also find that your vitamin D levels drop. You can take a supplement to top it up, or you can find it in food like tuna and salmon. Some other food may also have vitamin D added, such as soy milk, cereals, and orange juice.

Look after your skin and hair

Summer brings hot sunshine that can burn your skin very easily. In cooler weather, you may think that all is well and you can lay off of the sun cream, but that’s not necessarily true. (2)

Autumn brings its own problems as far as your skin goes - the sun is still there, and can be very strong on clear days. Using products with a good SPF is still recommended, and even sun cream on sunny days.

Because of the increase in windy days, you’ll also find that your skin dries out a lot faster than it has been doing. Choosing a thicker face cream will help protect against the wind and cold, leaving you looking as good as always.

Remember to exfoliate too, as this is a good way to get rid of patches of dead, dry skin. Exfoliation does not dry your skin out, but helps to expose the new living skin cells beneath. Your skin will be better prepared to absorb your moisturiser after exfoliation.

Protect your lips with a good balm, nourishing and moisturising them. Prevention is easier than cure, so try to avoid chapped lips if you can.

Your hands are also likely to be exposed to the elements, so use a moisturising hand cream to keep your skin healthy. Conversely, your feet may also need moisturising. After a few months of being exposed to air every day, your feet may now be trapped inside socks or tights - and this can dry them out very quickly.

Your hair will also have a hard time with the weather, so use a good conditioner to keep your hair full of moisture - the wind and cold will do their best to dry your hair out. Moisture that is in the atmosphere may also cause your hair to frizz up, so invest in an anti-frizz spray just in case.

Relax your mind

With the promise of holidays in exotic locations, summer sounds like a time to relax, but in truth it can be one of the more hectic seasons in the year. There is often so much to plan and fit in, that you don’t have time to fully relax and catch up with yourself.

Autumn is the perfect season for a little you-time. Winter will bring its own stress and worries with the run up to Christmas and the New Year, so autumn is the time to restore some balance.

Take long walks, and enjoy the gold, orange, and brown in the scenery. Indulge in your favourite warm drink. Do all those things you know you love, but don’t always have time for. Take time to relax, perhaps do a little meditation or mindfulness. Training your mind to relax helps you reach that state more often. (3)

Autumn is a season of change, and a wonderful time to build a habit of relaxation into your life. This will help with your mental wellbeing as well as restoring your body.




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