Nature's Wish - We Talk Flower Essences with the Founder


At Apothecary 27, we love to know what’s in the products we stock, we’re committed to bringing you the products that will contribute positively to your health and wellbeing, but how about exploring who’s behind the brand? 


Today - we’re sharing an interview with Nature’s Wish Founder Amy Murphy-Watts, to learn more about her products, recommendations and who’s behind the products. 


Nature’s Wish produce Natural and organic, skin & body care products which ‘harness the power of flower essences to provide a sense of well being’ They began in 2011 and like us are based in Haslemere - let’s find out more about this exciting brand! 



What do you love about stocking your products at Apothecary 27?


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I love the fact that local people can buy the essences that have been made with plants and trees that are locally gathered or grown in my garden. This means people are able to tap into their local energy. It is also wonderful for me to be able to tell people that they are able to purchase the products locally, making them more accessible.


For those who've never heard of you, whats the philosophy of your brand?


Nature's Wish and the essences is all about bringing you back to a sense of balance. 


In a world that is very busy where it's difficult to switch off, it is essential to find ways of bringing yourself to a place of calm, so that you can reset your energies and be on your way again. 


Essences can help to bring you back from your negative to your positive. They are an oral liquid preparation that contains the energy imprint from a particular flower, tree, crystal, gem or environment. 


Using essences can help transform attitudes, behaviours, and emotions to help restore a positive state of wellbeing. I now blend essences into other formulated blends which means that the essences are more accessible for those who do not wish to use drops. 


They are blended into face oils, body and massage oils, lip balms, energy sprays and roller balls.


How do you recommend introducing more natural and organic products into your routine?


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When introducing other natural and organic products into your routine I often go on recommendation from local producers, shop owners like Joe (owner of Apothecary 27) or articles that I read that bring to my attention new products. I also find that I now instinctively go for as natural a products as I can find. 


My husband recently had Prostate Cancer which led us to really analyse our diet, and now we are a lot more careful about what we cook with and what we buy. We were pretty healthy before, but after some changes, I am now more careful about ingredients and being organic where I can. 


In terms of introducing essences into your routine, you could simply use the skin care every day. That way the essences are being absorbed through your skin on a daily basis. 


Some people like to carry the rollerballs in their bag, they are a good size to fit in the smallest of bags. I often have one with me when I am out for the evening, especially if it's an environment I'm not familiar with and need a little calming down. 


The essence drops start to become part of your everyday life, as I find once you start tuning into yourself and recognising where you are emotionally you become a lot more self-aware, which is a good thing. You can then take the necessary essence to help you to get back on to your path and re-balance.


What is the product that people must try from your range and why?


Tranquility Energy Spray is one of the most popular in the range. The essential oil blend of Mandarin, Rose, and Neroli is a relaxing blend to provide a feeling of calm in times of stress. The essences help to center and rebalance the mind, settling your aura and brings light and calm to an anxious mind.


What top 3 products do you love the most and why?


It's difficult to choose 3 products! But if I had to I would choose the Balance Face Oil, Tranquility Roller Ball and Peace Energy Spray. 

Balance Face Oil

I use the Balance Face Oil twice a day and I really feel that it helps to nourish and replenish my skin. I love the feel of it on my skin and the blend of Bergamot, Lavender, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Rose leave me feeling like I've had a treatment in the spa. 

Tranquility Roller Ball

Tranquility Roller Ball is so useful in my bag, it's my go-to essence in times of stress and to have it blended in essential oils makes it more of a sensory experience. 

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Peace Energy Spray

Peace Energy Spray, an absolute must in my wellbeing toolbox. I am not very good at stopping and can, therefore, feel quite overwhelmed, but a quick spritz of Peace creates a stopping moment, when I inhale deeply, reset myself and get on with the task at hand.


What does caring about your health & wellbeing mean to you?

Caring for ourselves, monitoring our health and wellbeing is often last on our list of things to do. And yet is most essential. However being a wife, a mum of two teenagers and growing a business makes for a busy and hectic life. I have to be very self-aware of when things are getting on top of me and force myself to step back. I am planning to go away for a couple of days by myself to reboot my energies soon. I have not done this before, but feel that I must have time to do that. 


It is very easy to just keep going, forget to breathe properly, to eat well and to have time to relax. This is something I am continuously working on, that we all need to work on. Good mental health and a work-life balance is necessary, but not always easy to achieve, but I think as long as we are conscious of it, and check in with ourselves and our energies that's a good start.


What's next for your Nature’s Wish?


I am developing other beauty products that will be blended with essences which will include a men's grooming range and body scrubs. I am also going to bring out a range of herbal teas to compliment the essences. 


This is very exciting and being a person who loves a good cup of herbal tea, I am having great fun trying different teas and blends.


You can purchase Nature’s Wish at Apothecary 27, 71-73 WEYHILL, HASLEMERE, SURREY, GU27 1H





Tracy Durrant