Love your Glow - Get Dreamy Airbrushed Skin with Retinol


Are you tired of using filters on your photos? would you love natural glowing skin? Well, Retinol is the latest beauty ingredient (a derivative of Vitamin A) which speeds up the skin cell’s renewal process, so with regular use, you could see an improvement in skin tone, texture a reduction in dark circles and acne scars leaving you with Airbrushed looking skin.

With Retinol being a very powerful treatment (found in prescribed skin treatments) , you can now purchase  Disciple Skincare’s ‘Dreamy Skin’ which includes Retinyl Oil, an earlier form of Retinol (20% less potent than Retinol), effective with boosting collagen fiber production in the skin, which can result in younger looking skin.

Disciple is a New addition to our shelves and we’re now stocking the ENTIRE range. We love their products which include:

  • ADAPTOGENS potent plant extracts that balance, restore and protect the body
  • PREBIOTICS. Much like our gut, our skin has a unique flora - with bad bacteria Propionibacterium acnes causing breakouts
  • LINOLEIC ACID an omega 6 fatty acid
  • SMALL BATCH production, a great way to ensure fresh and potent skincare
  • CLEAN. Non-toxic. They choose ingredients and formulations that are not harmful to your health

About Disciple Skincare

Disciple Skincare is a London-based natural skincare company for stressed-out skin, created by Psychotherapist Charlotte Ferguson-Quilter. Anxiety, stress and low mood can cause inflammatory skin issues such as adult-acne, eczema and premature aging. Disciple products are unique in that they work not only on the surface of the skin but the adaptogen rich formulas help the body and mind deal with internal stress too. Up to seventy per cent of skincare is absorbed into the bloodstream, making Disciple oils the perfect delivery system for therapeutic grade, stress-busting plant extracts.

Disciple Product Range




Pretty much everything you need in a night oil, this powerhouse treatment helps regenerate skin cells while you sleep - reducing pigmentation, pore size, fine lines and boosting firmness. DREAMY SKIN is specifically designed for acne prone skin too - the perfect anti-aging, anti-dark spot, anti huge-pore night treatment to correct damage and boost radiance.

Rosehip seed oil is packed with potent essential fatty acids (a whopping 80%) which help to improve the skins texture and elasticity. Super lightweight Watermelon seed oil is rich in B vitamins, folic acid, thiamine, vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid. Retinyl - a pure form of vitamin A, has the ability to penetrate the outer layers of the skin and work to repair the lower layers where collagen and elastin live. Essential oils of Frankincense, Blue Chamomile and Jasmine not only smell divine but also help reduce inflammation, relieve stress and balance hormones. Prebiotic Burdock Root gives the good bacteria on the skins surface a boost - helping to fight break-out causing bacteria and free-radicals.

Method: Gently massage four to five drops into cleansed skin every night. Pat around the orbital area. Because of the regenerative powers of this treatment oil it is important to wear SPF sun protection during the day.

Suitable for all skin-types.



GOOD SKIN is a 100% active botanical face oil. Formulated with break-out-prone skin in mind, this oil is rich in essential fatty acids, hormone balancing essential oils and bad bacteria fighting prebiotics. GOOD SKIN clears, brightens and nourishes tricky skin.

Cucumber seed oil is lightweight and easily absorbed yet nourishing - restoring proper moisture balance, smoothing the skin’s surface and improving skin elasticity. Superfood Turmeric oil helps to speed up the healing process and take out redness while antibacterial Geranium oil works to balance rogue hormones naturally. Prebiotic Burdock Root gives the good bacteria on the skins surface a boost - helping to fight break-out causing bacteria and soothe inflammation.

Method: Gently massage four to five drops into cleansed skin morning and night. Pat around the orbital area. Can also be blended with your preferred hydrating cream, serum or gel to intensify hydration and break-out-busting properties*.

Suitable for all skin-types.




100% pure Geranium floral water. Floral waters are created during the distillation process of extracting essential oil. While the essential oil of the plant material is extracted the remaining water still contains powerful components of the plant or flower. Our pure geranium water balances oily patches and encourages dry patches to boost normal oil secretion. Geranium also aids progesterone balance, estrogen balance and thyroid issues.

Method: Can be used at any time as a pick-me-up, toner or make-up refresher. Lightly mist over face and neck and take a few deep breaths for full balancing and calming benefits.

Suitable for all skin-types.



DISCIPLE lip balm is made with 100% natural ingredients to leave your lips silky soft.

Super protecting, packed full of Vitamin e, stimulating sage and healing lavender with the natural water lock of Olus oil. DISCIPLE natural, creamy lip balm soothes and moisturises your lips without irritating them, making them ideal for sensitive skin.









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