Homeopathy Tips for Keeping well in December

December, the month of giving and celebration!


Nux Vomica can be of great help now, soothing the effects of over-indugence in either food or alcoholic drinks! Also, try Lycopodium for indigestion, or Argentum Nitricum if the children have an upset tummy from too many sweets. Too much fatty food? Pulsatilla can gently soothe the effects.

Worried about the over-use of antibiotics for minor health conditions?

Dominic and Sylvia are holding a 3 part course in January on the basic application of some homeopathic remedies that you can use yourself in the home or when out and about, possibly saving a trip to your GP.

Interested? Ring either 07973 181483 email du@talk21.com or 1428 606513 email s.d.palmer@hotmail.com for more details and to book.