Booking Homeopathy at Apothecary 27


October, the month where we can feel winter making it’s presence known – the evenings and mornings are cold and the nights have drawn in. This change of season is when our immune systems are put to the test coping with the fluctuating temperature and conditions, so head colds, catarrhal conditions, as well as ear and throat problems are common.

Homeopathy can be of great service here, with remedies like Aconitum, Gelsemium, Bryonia and Pulsatilla (to name but a few!) relieving discomfort  gently and speedily, depending on the particular symptoms being expressed.


Aconite for when there has been a sudden onset, typically from exposure to a cold wind, with a high temperature and fever at the start of a cold.


Gelsemium is good where the patient feels achy and shivery and wants to lie down.


Bryonia where the cold develops into a dry cough. Patient is thirsty, irritable and wants to be left alone.


Pulsatilla suits patients who are not thirsty and need lots of TLC. There is usually yellowish and copious catarrh, often with accompanying earache.

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