Are you getting enough Omega-3...Let’s see?

Omega-3 supplements have been proven to help so many conditions, their anti-inflammatory properties mean they can help a range of conditions from Diabetes to skin conditions such as eczema, but how do you include more in your diet? How much do you need? And are there any alternatives or easy way's to add Omega-3 to your diet?

Conditions that Omega-3 can help include:

ADHD, Cancer, Diabetes, High cholesterol, Infertility, IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), Alzheimer’s disease, Depression, Macular degeneration, Skin issues (eczema and psoriasis), Inflammation, Arthritis, Anxiety as well as heart disease. Pretty impressive list! 

Non-fishy omega-3 sources:

If you’re Vegan, Vegetarian or simply don’t like to fish products you may want to introduce the following foods to ensure you're including Omega-3 in your diet.

  • Flaxseed

  • Chia Seeds

  • Walnuts

  • Natto

How much Omega-3 should you take?

One or two portions of oily fish per week can provide you with your weekly recommended Omega-3 intake.

Although there are plant-based sources like flax oil, studies show that they are harder for our bodies to use than fish versions.

Look for brands giving the ­equivalent of eating one to two portions of oily fish a week, which is around 450 micrograms of EPA and DHA – the two main omega-3s – per adult daily dose.


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Viridian Nutrition’s Rainbow Trout Oil is the world’s first certified organic, cold-pressed fish oil.

The oil is produced within hours at source using a gentle process to create a fresh, non-oxidized oil with a full spectrum of naturally occurring fatty acids. It is produced from a completely sustainable and socially responsible fish source.

Soil Association-certified 100% organic, the fish are sourced from organically controlled inland waters, naturally free from heavy metals. Green practices also ensure zero waste and a low carbon footprint.

Rich in omega-3, 6, 7 and 9, the organic Scandinavian rainbow trout oil is combined with organic orange and lemon oil, and organic rosemary leaf extract.

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