NEW: Great British Pudding Bars from Montezuma’s


We just love Montezuma’s New Chocolate range of ‘Great British Pudding Bars’ From Apple Crumble to Eton Mess, their inspiring fun chocolates are delicious and we have them available for you to try at Apothecary 27.

Not sure where to start? We'll Let Montezuma talk you through their range:

Black Forest Gateau


We would be wrong to try and pass off this pudding as a British creation as it is very much of German origin but since the 1970's we have enjoyed an Anglicised form on many a pudding trolley. Lashings of whipped cream, dark chocolate cake and of course cherries made this a dessert to die for. This is our very chocolatey and subtle interpretation of this wonderful pudding.




Eton Mess


Quintessentially a most decadent treat. First served at the annual cricket match between Eton and Winchester, this beautiful British summertime pudding has been translated by us into a tantalising bar combining well rounded Peruvian milk chocolate with super sweet strawberry and crunchy meringue.





Apple Crumble


Out of the austerity of World War II came the great British invention of crumble, and of course out of crumble came the greatest dish of all, the all-British Apple Crumble! Our idea was to interpret the flavours of this pudding into an innovative and contemporary chocolate bar that does justice to this fabulous milk chocolate and memories of family feasts.





Spotted Dick


Steaming a log shaped chocolate bar doesn't work so well, but the spotted part of the name is easy enough to interpret while other bits that sounded great in 1850 are now harder to unravel. This was one of those puddings that never really sounded that great but always tasted like heaven - especially with custard. We loved this Venezuelan milk chocolate as our custard replacement.





Treacle Tart

Aptly meaning 'sweetheart' in cockney rhyming slang and arguably the most famous of all Great British Puddings, it has been fiendishly difficult to get that subtle treacle flavour and balance into our beautiful chocolate. Often challenged but rarely defeated, we worked on through chocolate adversity and can now confidently present this beautiful bar that has a true treacle tart hit!


About Montezuma's


Montezuma’s Chocolates are brought to you by Husband and Wife, self-taught chocolate makers Helen & Simon Pattinson. Founded in 2000 with only a kitchen sink sized machine, huge enthusiasm and a broad ideal to bring chocolate innovation to a boring and staid British chocolate market.  


'We really want to celebrate all things Great and British with some inspiring and fun chocolate bars that draw on the essence of some fabulous British puddings. Have fun with them and above all enjoy them with friends; we will.' - Helen Pattinson, co-founder.


Pick up something tasty today at Apothecary 27 71-73 Weyhill, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 1H