The shop has been busy this week with the hustle and bustle of parents getting their children ready for the first few days of the school term. Check out our blog post further down the page, with some great tips for giving them the best possible start to the school year! 

At this time of year, we always see a surge in coughs, colds and viruses due to the children being back at school (poorly teachers are a common sight in the store during the month of September). That's why if you're a parent or work in a school, now is the time to stock up on your Vitamin D or Echinacea. 

This week we've also launched our new "giving back" scheme. We'll donate 5p for every bag of "Apothecary 27" branded produce we sell in store (this includes our bagged up nuts, seeds, dried fruit, grains, flakes, flours and confectionary). Every month we will choose a charity to donate to, with September being the month of PETA!


What you may have missed from us this week... 

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Getting the kids ready for the new school year. We're trying to make your life a little easier with this checklist of essentials.

Karen Eccles will be returning to the store In September to demo the Thermomix. We'll also be offering a 10% discount off of all products on the night to our newsletter subscribers! 



Joe Jackson