Are the Children ready for school? Let's see


We understand how this can be an emotional time of year for many of you. Whether you’re a parent watching your child enter the school gates for the first time or wanting to make sure your children are well equipped for their most important months ahead of exams. We know there’s so much more to getting ‘school ready’ than pencil cases and uniforms. That’s why at Apothecary 27, we have a few suggestions to help make sure your children are ready for whatever the teachers throw at them!

Supporting the little and big ones! 

Probiotic to support the immune system

The first week of September is peak season for contamination and the spread of illnesses. Over the years we’ve found BioKult Infantis sachets are great for strengthening the immune system.

Essential Multi-Vitamins

For all round vitality, you may want to check out BioCare Children’s Multinutrient formula or Children's Complete Complex which is a comprehensive vitamin and mineral formula for children in a pleasant tasting, easy to use powder form.

Non-Fishy Fish Oil for Brain Power!

Omega 3 Fish Oil is perfect for supporting brain function and memory during class. In store we have Viridian Fish Oil - it’s the only Organic fish oil on the market which has no traces of heavy metals. The world’s first certified organic fish oil and it’s Lemon-flavoured! 

Viridian Fish Oil can be stirred into yogurt or cereals and even delicious straight off the spoon...lovely! 


Lunch time fine

Box Appetit lunch boxes are great for kids and adults! These beautiful designer lunch boxes have  compartments to help you monitor portion sizes! Launching in store mid-September!


More Water Please! 

Another stunner from the guys at Box Appetit is their water bottles, with Binchotan charcoal filters for paramount water purification, the charcoal alkalises and cleans the water! We recently tried them out and we can't drink our water without it now! Launching in store mid-September!

Calming their nerves

The Viridian Californian Poppy Tincture is great for relaxing nervous or anxious children, and also great at helping with night terrors (something we've noticed a rise in recently in store).


To find out how we can support you and your children with making this school year the best yet, stop by our store where we’re happy to help! 

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