We got the JUICE: Moju NEW IN STORE


MOJU  make ‘the healthiest and tastiest juices available to everyone’. You’re probably wondering how they can make such bold claims, well - Moju use more nutrient-rich veg than sugary fruit and steer clear of corner-cutting purees, pulps & additives. In addition to that they NEVER, EVER pasteurise which results in nutrient packed and flavour packed juices or as they say #StupidlyHealthy Shots and Juices.

Feeling the Squeeze working 9-5

Two University friend were tired of the corporate rat race and desperate for healthy juices that wouldn't bust their wallets, so Charlie & Rich ditched their jobs, determined to make ‘tastier and healthier juices available to everyone’  click here to read more about their launch story!

Get the shots in!


Moju believe that ‘healthy doesn't have to be hard or boring’ so they came up with this fun chart to show super fast ways to perk up your day, before or after a big night!

They’re cold-pressed. They’re raw. They’re healthy. They’re everything tequila slammers aren’t. Bottoms up.
— http://www.mojudrinks.com/

See the guide below for Moju’s guide to getting the most out of their shots!


Pop into our store to buy your Moju Juices & shots - Perfect! Apothecary 27 71-73 Weyhill, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 1H