It's been an exciting week in store, with the introduction of several new lines to our wellness and beauty ranges (scroll down further for details), as well as a slight revamp of our supplement and beauty sections. Head down to the store to take a look, hopefully it will get you inspired!  

Felicity has been taking a well deserved break this week, so Joe and Carron have been holding down the fort in her absence. Although Joe did find the time to go on a product research day to London, and came back with quite the haul. Look out for some of these exciting new products hitting our shelves in the coming weeks!

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"Weekend Notes" will be a new weekly blog posted every Saturday morning with a list of interesting articles / recipes / blogs that we've found inspiration from over the previous week. Think of it as your own Apothecary 27 version of the Sunday Times. So here we go, here's instalment number 1...



Sensitive to regular fragrances and colognes? Try out these combinations for making your own home-made ones using only essential oils. 

Do you fnd that you're often being brought down by other people's bad vibes? Check out this piece on how to successfully put up a shield to protect yourself from the negativity.

Are nuts really good for us? Get the low-down on which nuts are the healthiest, how many you should be eating and how...

Starting every day with a green juice, an hour each morning in the gym and eating in moderation. Find out how an internationally renowned chef "eats clean".

Check out what you may have missed from us...

Wellness is an inside and outside job and that’s why we’re proud to introduce, Skin & Tonic’s organic beauty range to our shelves at Apothecary 27 AND while we're celebrating you can get 10% off your in-store purchases (offer ends 31st August).

Come down and help us welcome ‘Optiat Coffee Scrubs’ to the Family! If you haven’t heard why everyone’s exchanging their morning cup of Coffee for a Coffee Scrub let us explain you might want to join them..

Joe Jackson