NEW IN STORE: Earl Of East London Candles

Earl of East London is an interiors fragrance and lifestyle brand founded in East London 2014. They have a small store in a converted shipping container in Netil Market, selling a curated mix of independent brands from around the world. 

As part of their own creative exploration they launched a range of hand-poured scented soy wax candles in summer 2015. Their unique fragrances are inspired by their travels and memories. Their line has expanded to include 5 scents in 3 sizes. 

Not content with working in isolation they love to collaborate with others, they've worked with ceramicists, leather makers and curated workshops and makers events. 

Their mission is defined in 4 key elements: Curate, Create, Collaborate and Community. 

The SCENTS (as described by the makers) - All of our scents are inspired by travel and memory. Our candles are made with 100% non-GMO soy wax; natural cotton wicks and come in apothecary jars. We use a blend of botanical fragrance and essential oils.

Smoke & Musk; this fragrance is inspired by the great outdoors. It's a bespoke blend of green balsam fir alongside wood smoke and musky patchouli. It creates a cosy and warm atmosphere with a sense of being in a cabin in the woods. Its dark, smoky but woody-sweet profile makes it popular amongst both men and women, who want to create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in their homes.  Click here to see the inspiration behind this scent. 

Greenhouse; it's a bespoke blend of vine tomato, parsley seed and basil with a hint of lemon, which really has a kick to it. It's our take on a fresh and bright summer scent, which brings you back to those sunny days and joyful moments. Its clean, green and uplifting profile makes it a very versatile scent that you can burn in your kitchen and terrace to brighten up the atmosphere, or in your bedroom or bathroom as part of your morning routine to get you ready for the day. It’s very popular amongst go-getters and curious souls who are constantly exploring and can't stand still. To see the inspiration, click here

Atlas Cedar; we created this after a very inspiring trip to Marrakesh. Instead of focusing on the chaotic and bustling souks, which are filled with spicy notes of cinnamon, cloves and more, we were drawn to the peaceful Berber villages and awe-inspiring Atlas Mountains. This candle is a bespoke combination of cedar wood, olive leaf and white musk, which creates a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. With its clean, earthy, calming and warm profile, it's the perfect Zen candle, which allows you to wind down and regain focus. Click here for more…

Strand; this scent was inspired by Scandinavia and more specifically Copenhagen. We worked on this scent with a beautiful sunset and the Baltic Sea breeze in mind. To tell our story and showcase the depth of this scent, we deliberately create a candle that’s first impression and cold throw is different to how it smells once lit. The fragrance is a combination of mandarin rind, seaweed and bay leaf, which makes it the most sophisticated and unique blend of our line. To see this scent, click here

Wildflower; this is the most traditional of our scents. This combination of jasmine, gardenia and rose geranium catapults us straight back to our childhood and grandparents gardens. Its floral-sweet scent turns mellow when burning and can permeate the biggest space. It’s the perfect gift or guestroom candle as it floral notes are welcoming and relaxing. Click here for visuals. 

Viagem; this is based on late summers in Lisbon, a beautiful, mellow city. We worked with sweet coconut and green oregano to exhilarate the earthy fig creating a sense of hazy & balmy summer nights. We tried to reinvent the ambience of the whole tree, from the crisp verdancy and the bitter stems, to the bark and the freshness of the sap as well as its shade. When burning its earthy and sweet notes create an inspiring atmosphere. Click here for visual references. 

Elementary [coming soon]; this scent is a blend of leather, amber, tobacco leaf and cedar wood. It’s a luxurious, rich and intense scent that is inspired by the grandeur of old London.

Earl Of East London candles are now available in store, priced at £19.99, with an approximate 40-hour burn time.