Should you wash your face after a Workout?


You’ve just finished a workout and sweat is pouring down your face. Instead of reaching for the towel, you may want to read on, to find out exactly why you may want to put a little bit more consideration into your after workout regime.

When you sweat, your body is going through a detoxification process. Toxins are being brought to the surface, if this sweat is not cleansed away, those toxins will get reabsorbed into the skin -  So wiping with a towel, may be reversing some of your hard work!

As well as your body releasing toxins from within, if you workout at a gym, if you were using public yoga mats, the chances are high that you would have been exposed to environmental germs.

To avoid putting your face at risk to inflammation, clogged pores and breakouts, it’s important to develop a skincare regime to compliment your workout. We’ve selected three products that you may want to check out - all available in store.

Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser

Grapeseed butter cleanser Mood_828x972.jpg

An enchanting blend of nourishing cacao butter with soothing olive and harakeke oils. Featuring revolutionary Vinanza Grape from New Zealand’s sauvignon blanc grape seeds. Soothing lavender and blue chamomile partner to help calm sensitive skin as well as refresh and cleanse, while hibiscus bloom has gentle exfoliating action. Helps balance oil production and also boost dry and thirsty skin.


Gently massage in an upward circular motion into the dampened skin of your face and neck at sunrise and sunset, removing impurities and softening skin. Rinse off with warm and pure water using an organic cotton cloth. Suited to oily and dry skin.




Soothing Cleansing Milk


Soothing Cleansing Milk removes dirt and make-up prior to cleansing with Cleansing Cream. For sensitive skin, Soothing Cleansing Milk can be used as a daily cleanser in the mornings and evenings to prepare the skin for a toner and day or night care.

Anthyllis, jojoba and almond oil gently cleanse and maintain the skin’s naturally protective acid mantle.


Wet face with warm water, apply evenly. Remove with a cosmetic sponge or a warm, damp cloth. To remove eye make-up, apply to a dampened cotton wool pad and use gentle sweeping movements from the inside to the outside corner of your closed eye.






Skin + Tonic Facial Rose Mist

This beautifully fragrant mist is made from pure organic flower water, extracted from Roses grown and distilled high in the French Alps. Delicately blended with Aloe and Glycerin, it soothes, cools and hydrates tired skin.


  • Spritz onto face to hydrate and tone skin
  • Spray onto face to set make up
  • Spray around yourself to calm and cool your mood in those flustered moments of stress




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