Balance your diet by having vegetables for breakfast?



Primrose's Kitchen supply us with a range of 100% Natural, gluten-free and vegan-friendly products including muesli, granola, oatmeal, porridge, nut butter, sprinkles and smoothie boosters! At Apothecary 27 we love their breakfast treats and we're proud to be named their retailer of the month back in August this year!!! 

About Primrose's Kitchen


Having had a youth of chronic fatigue, M.E and poor digestion founder of Primroses Kitchen, Primrose Matheson set out on a mission to understand her body and what was needed to maintain it in perfect health.

This led her into Naturopathic and Complementary health studies and a degree in Homeopathy the knowledge of which she has used to design natural and wholesome food. She started with muesli as breakfast is (as a nation) our favourite meal of the day due to its quick assembly and had a desire to make it into a healthy food for any occasion, not just first thing in the morning.

By including ingredients you might associate more with lunch or dinner such as beetroot and carrot she wanted to create a versatile health food that tasted great and could be eaten as a healthy snack whatever time of the day. Ideally, for a more balanced diet, we should be eating as much or more fruit and vegetables than we do grains.

From this it seemed logical that if she was going to add a healthy ingredient like vegetables why not add other nutritious ingredients not found in breakfast muesli that supports good health.

By incorporating beneficial and thoughtful ingredients into their muesli, Primrose's kitchen hopes to make keeping a balanced diet easier.

“We are constantly told what we should and shouldn’t eat, I ask people to listen to their body. If something makes you feel good and energised then eat it, if it does the opposite then don’t- it sounds simple but we have forgotten how intelligent our bodies are and when we listen to our bodies and make changes to our life we feel empowered. Everything in our life offers us an experience to grow from, when we find the answers within ourselves I believe we have found the root of happiness”.


We stock the entire Primrose's Kitchen Range, see below for some of our best sellers!


Raw Carrot, Apple & Cinnamon Muesli 400g

Delicious gluten free oats with fresh carrot and harmonious cinnamon. Balanced with a combination of apple, nuts and seeds as well as extra love in the form of chia seeds and psyllium husks.


Raw Beetroot & Ginger Muesli 400g

Delicious gluten-free oats with fresh beetroot and zingy ginger. Balanced with a combination of nuts and seeds as well as extra love in the form of psyllium husks and hemp seeds.



Organic Courgette & Cacao Granola 300g

A vital and wholesome combination of sunflower seeds, coconut, sprouted buckwheat, dates, courgette & cacao.








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