Candles Straight ‘Out of the Woods’


Welcoming ‘Out Of The Woods Candles’ to our shelves, a gorgeous range of vegan, scented candles, perfect gift for yourself or a friend, bringing warm Autumn/Winter scents, sounds and smells into the home during those cold nights.

These beautiful candles are 100% natural vegan soy wax candles, using high-quality fragrance oil with a wooden wick. The wood wick creates a soft crackle while it burns and makes it eco wick (not paraffin coated).

Three reasons to stock up on these beautiful Candles

  1. They add ambiance - Candles help create a beautiful relaxing atmosphere, lighting up the room with a single candle can be a beautiful addition to your winter night.

  2. The nostalgic smells - These winter fragrances can transport you to beautiful memories of baking, childhood or winter magic (hmmm Pumpkin Pie)!

  3. They look great and make the perfect gift, why bring a bottle when you can bring a handmade scented candle? ( Hand poured in a little log cabin in Surrey to be exact!)


We stock all varieties see below for the Autumn/Winter scents:

il_570xN.1053419978_k0d4 (1).jpg

Pumpkin Pie Soy Candle

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Soy, Wax, Soy wax, Wood, Wood wick, Jar, Mason jar, Candle, Natural






Cinnamon Buns Soy Candle

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Cinnamon, Vanilla, Wax, Soy, Soy wax, Wood, Wock, Mason jar, Woodwick, Jar, Candle



Pines & Needles Scented Soy Candle

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Wax, Soy wax, Candle, Wood, Wick, Christmas, Pines, Needles, Christmas tree, Jar, Soy, Woodwick



Pick up your vegan candles at Apothecary 27 71-73 Weyhill, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 1H